Magic.Link + L2' + L2's
  • October 5, 2023

Making DeFi and Crypto Intuitive for All

Watch this demo to see how we use Magic.Link to create users and wallets across 20 + blockchains.


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and DeFi, a significant hurdle remains: onboarding users with varying degrees of crypto knowledge into the ecosystem seamlessly. The key to unlocking mainstream and widespread adoption lies in designing intuitive systems. That's why, at Steward, we’ve chosen Magic Link—a solution that melds the familiar interface of Web2 with the innovations of the crypto world.

A Seamless Onboarding Experience

At Steward, we're redefining account creation. Leveraging Magic Link, we simultaneously initiate user accounts and crypto wallets. The standout feature? The complete elimination of private keys—a notorious stumbling block for many. Instead, our system embraces a passwordless approach, using 2FA via clients' emails for wallet creation, account access, and transaction signatures.

Magic Link's foundation is its decentralized identity protocol, which eliminates traditional passwords. Instead, it prompts users to authenticate using their email and device combination. This dual authentication doesn't just replace a password; it acts as a robust digital signature, offering users:

  • An improved, streamlined experience.
  • Enhanced security by sidestepping potential private key errors.
  • Simplicity for advisors, making integrations and user management straightforward.

The Future Is Layer 2

With transaction fees on Ethereum oscillating between $5 to $40, the appeal of Layer 2 solutions becomes evident. L2s have transformed the fee landscape, bringing costs down to mere pennies. Recognizing their pivotal role in crypto's future, Steward ensures that upon account creation, client wallets are default-created on four vital blockchains: Mainnet, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Beyond these, we offer connectivity to approximately 20 other blockchains—including giants like Bitcoin and Solana. What's pivotal is that these accounts remain self-custodial, ensuring clients have full ownership.

The Synergy of Magic Link with L2s and DeFi

Magic Link synergistically combines the robustness of its authentication services with the flexibility of Layer 2 technologies and DeFi. The result? Users navigate the platform with such ease that they might forget they're transacting on-chain.

Historically, the crypto domain has grappled with complex user authentication and wallet creation processes. However, the emergence of innovative solutions like Magic Link heralds a new era of user-friendliness.

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If Steward's vision resonates with your aspirations for your community or firm, now is the time to take action. The undeniable truth is that blockchains are setting the pace for the future of transactions and finance. It's not a matter of "if" but "when". Embrace this transformative journey with us. Reach out to discuss how Steward can be the perfect fit for your needs, and together, let's pioneer thriving web3 communities. The future is waiting for us to build it.

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