Custodial Product Demo: Intuitive Functionality for Advisors

Coinbase + AET
  • October 3, 2023

Demo Video

We've designed our product to be as intuitive as possible, understanding the extensive responsibilities advisors manage daily, because we are advisors ourselves. Our objective is to lessen the number of keystrokes and clicks required, ensuring a seamless process for both you and your clients.

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In part 1, we demonstrate the onboarding process for clients, along with the necessary setup to be done with AET. Following that, we showcase how clients can fund their accounts—a process that will feel familiar as it mirrors traditional custodian experiences. Subsequently, you'll learn how to charge clients and establish workflows to maintain a streamlined interaction.

In part 2, we delve into the functionality of the Steward Software, focusing on portfolio creation and the template portfolios we provide. Among our offerings are index coop portfolios, which are considered industry standards in the crypto domain. We are thrilled to extend this feature to you, aiding in the effective management of crypto investments.


Advisors often juggle multiple responsibilities, and learning new software isn't typically at the top of their priority list—nor should it be. We've designed our platform with intuitive functionality in mind, so advisors can easily integrate it into their workflows. Moreover, our system is built with extensibility at its core, allowing advisors to incorporate tools and features that even we haven't envisioned yet.

Backend Connections

As Anthony emphasized in our demo, one of the key advantages of our platform is its capability to seamlessly integrate with various backend systems. Whether it's connecting AET to Steward or assigning portfolios to accounts, our software is not limited to predefined functionalities. We've constructed our system to be highly adaptable, with a particular focus on enabling crypto assets management.

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